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Planning for business continuity or disaster recovery is a daunting project for any company but the reasons for planning ahead are certainly compelling: only 35% of small to medium sized businesses have a disaster recovery plan in place. The survival rate for businesses without a continuity and disaster recovery plan is less than 10%. Even more startling: 60% of data lost is due to human error. On average across industries, IT downtime costs approximately $5,600 per minute.No one expects that disaster or catastrophe will strike their business. We still believe that even if disaster never strikes it’s better to be safe than sorry. Our business continuity and disaster recovery planning is designed to help you keep your business and IT running after a disruptive event.


Since recovery is only possible with a plan, we work with you to ensure that your business will stay functioning and your IT infrastructure will remain operational through even worst-case scenarios. We customize solutions that eliminate disruption by delivering data backup with instant recovery. Virtualization technology and cloud based solutions streamline this process. We address both physical and virtual environments, ensuring critical data, applications and complete systems are always protected from disaster, human error, system and hardware malfunctions.We Keep You Up and Running: We build solutions with redundancy to back-up your server and data files locally, as well as through virtualized technology, to ensure access whether you experience a global disaster, on-site disaster, or a hardware disaster.  We have solutions to keep your organization up and running no-matter the scenario.

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