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We will make certain that all your IT needs and services are handled promptly with competency and accuracy. ITED Technologies & Solutions (pvt) Ltd. will manage and help you run your IT services, disaster recovery, or cloud leaving you with that much sort after freedom to concentrate on your core business rather than on managing everyday IT tasks.


As your managed service provider, we will take the responsibility for the functionality of all your IT services; we will elevate and advance the effectiveness of your IT services and help you strengthen your company’s bottom line.


We will bring together our ability and experience to streamline any technical projects that you may need help with. Our flexible approach offers the choice of choosing between a complete outsourcing of all IT services or we will be happy to work with your existing teams and service providers.

ITED Service Model

We make sure your business systems perform at its best with our Outsourced Managed IT Services

How will Outsourcing your IT Services help your Company?

  • The advantage of the expertise of an IT professional to manage and train your staff

  • Reduce the risks of IT staff turnover, work will go on smoothly without interruptions. This will reduce the financial cost of hiring and training IT personnel

  • Professionals will support, repair, replace and implement complex technological solutions

  • Constant access to up-to-date sophisticated IT solutions without the expense of investing in expensive equipment

  • Control your business technology without the hassle of managing an IT department

  • Reduces stress and frees up resources to focus on growing your core business.

To learn more about how we can effectively manage design, plan, deliver, run and control your information technology (IT) services. Call us on +94 114 324 040 or email us at and we will be happy to meet up with you and your team to discuss how outsourcing your IT services is the solution you have been looking for.

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