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Increase up time, optimize scalability and maximize profit with a well designed cabling system

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Our structured wiring data, voice, and fiber network cabling specialists will help end your worries. They will deliver well planned, standardized structured network cabling solutions for all your communication needs be it voice, video or data systems.


In today’s busy, fast-paced business world, an active communication system is central to the smooth running of any business. Instant communication is the norm of the day and people look for and are used to instant results. The way we communicate with each other using modern technology then becomes vital to the health of a business.


The flow of information to and from your business needs to be uninterrupted.  Flowing smoothly through entire system or body of your business much like the steady pumping of a human heart. A breakdown of any kind or length of its steady beat results in a disaster. This is why proper functioning communication channels are vital to any business large or small.


ITED Technologies & Solutions (Pvt) Ltd.’s structured wiring, voice and data, and network cabling professionals will remove all undue worries that you may have with your communication channels, by delivering structured network cabling solutions for voice, video, and data systems tailored made just for your work environment. With our modern structured solutions, your business communications network will function without interruption.

The areas of our expertise


We specialize in

  • New construction

  • Office Relocation

  • Server room cabling and clean up


Whatever you need is be it cabling for your data network, your phone system or both we guarantee that you get everything needed for a dependable up-to-date system that is supported by the newest technology.


To learn more on how we can apply these structured IT solutions to make your business function without skipping a beat call us on +94 114 324 040 or email us at to set up a meeting where we will be happy to discuss your needs and offer our customized solutions.

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