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Surveillance Solutions


For all types of industries, homes or offices regardless of size, we got you covered with our wide choice of Wireless, IP, Analog, DVR and NVR security cameras from Hikvision.


Hikvision products give dynamic solutions for all your security needs. They are reliable, expandable, and easy to use. These intelligent security and surveillance solutions come with a comprehensive coverage that strengthens human resources and they are expandable and customized to meet individual needs.


Our team of professionals will ensure that the plan, arrangement, installation, and maintenance of your system will surpass your expectations.


What is the difference between the DVR and NVR systems?


With the traditional analog security cameras or the analog CCTV set up, your cameras have to be linked to a digital video recorder or DVR that will record, process and store all data.


The IP cameras, on the other hand, need a network video recorder or NVR to work in much the same way to record, process and store all data.


The biggest difference between the NVR and DVR lies in the way the video needs are processed since the systems use distinct types of cameras.


  • The NVR uses IP cameras or standalone network devices that send information through a network cable.


  • The DVR, on the other hand, uses analog CCTV cameras that are connected through a coax cable to transmit information.


Internet Protocol Camera or IP Camera


The IP or internet protocol camera is a digital video camera that is generally used for surveillance or security. Unlike the analog closed-circuit television or CCTV cameras, this system sends and receives information or data through a computer network or the internet. It is a digitized and network version of the closed-circuit television what we know as the CCTV.


How do Wireless Security Cameras work?


These cameras work based on a simple principle where the camera holds a wireless radio (RF) transmitter. The camera will send the video or audio signal from its radio transmitter which is then picked up by a receiver that is connected to a monitor or recording device. It may have either a built-in storage facility or be connected to a DVR. “Wireless’ here is referred to the sending or transmission of the video or audio signals.


For the best surveillance security solutions that will have you covered and keep you safe at all times call us at +94 114 324 040 or email us at And we will set up an initial meeting to evaluate and discuss your security concerns and then match them to the best customized solutions we offer. Our products have been time-tested and proved for the best-customer satisfaction.

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