There couldn’t be a better answer for your small office or home office (SOHO) environment than the secure, dependable, and high performing solution that is amazingly cost-effective UBNT UAP AC Wi-Fi equipment. Further, it is far superior to most of the off the shelf networking solutions available.


The UniFi® (UBNT) Enterprise Systems takes all your IT networking solutions to the next level with their innovative combinations of performance, consistency, and scalability at just the right price.

UniFi® AP is an Access Point ideal for working high-performance wireless networks as UniFi AP AC that is ten-times the normal client capacity, is faster, and cost-effective.


The in-built management software containing a graphical user interface is packed into the UniFi hardware at no added cost, no licensing fees or support costs.


The UniFi® (UBNT) Enterprise System is versatile and powerful but easy to use, covering multiple locations.

The end-to-end networking devices include

  • High-performance scalable Wi-Fi

  • Outdoor wide area Wi-Fi

  • Unified security and routing

  • Advanced network switching

  • High-performance scalable Wi-Fi

    • The UniFi® Access Points convey wireless coverage either indoors or outdoors, in high concentration for client positionings that need low latency and high uptime performance

  • Outdoor wide area Wi-Fi

    • UniFi® AC Mesh Access Points include UniFi Mesh technology to streamline wi-fi infrastructure deployments outdoor for areas such as towns, stadiums, concert venues and outdoor spaces

  • Unified Routing and Security

    • The UniFi® Security Gateway extends the UniFi Enterprise System to give cost-effective reliable routing and advanced security for all networks.

  • Advanced Network Switching

    • The UniFi® Switch delivers powerful performance, intelligent switching, convenient PoE+ support and fiber connectivity options for all enterprise networks


These powerful IT solutions are available right here in Sri Lanka that will cover all your networking and Wi-Fi needs. UniFi® (UBNT) products are available through their authorized distributor and are backed by a competent technical support team. Tested and tried solutions for all your SOHO networking or Wi-Fi needs are just a call away get in touch with us on +94 114 324 040 or email us at today.


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