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Streamlined Restaurant Service       - Waiter Calling System

Waiter call system Sri Lanka

Position your restaurant business for greater success

Turn your restaurant, bar or pub into smoothly operating business with the innovative waiter call system. No more shouting or hand waving just direct, precise communication between the kitchen and the restaurant, between the chef and waiter, this will guarantee that the correct orders go out to the tables in the shortest possible time.  


A happy client experience is guaranteed


It's not just the food that is served that makes or breaks a client experience. The service and the time it takes is crucial too. Many clients are put off by the delay it takes for their orders to be served or the inordinate time it takes for the food to get to their table.  The waiter call system will end all these needless interruptions and will ensure an enjoyable client experience.


How it works


The waiter call system controls the smooth function of any restaurant, bar or pub with clear and effective communication. The chef or kitchen will send out an alert to the waiter that the food order for a particular table is ready to be served by sending him a message that the waiter will receive on his/her personal pager that will beep a special tone, vibrate, or flash. The order then reaches the table with the least possible fuss from the kitchen to the table.


This system frees the waiters to give your clients a better eating experience and making their visit to your restaurant, bar or pub enjoyable that they return and give your business rave reviews so that your influence reaches a wider clientele. Your customer satisfaction rate soars and business thrives and brings in more return on investment.


Learn more about how you can take your customers eating experience to new heights call us at +94 114 324 040 or email us at  We will call you back to set up a meeting to discuss your needs and how the system can improve and strengthen your customer service further.

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Waiter Call system Sri Lanka
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